On the occasion of the annual day celebration of the above mentioned school, the Manager and Principal of the School invited the students of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra to perform dance to promote the Indian art, culture, dance and music as well as enthuse his students to develop taste for the music and dance. The budding artists of the Kala Kendra enthralled audience by their dance drama on themes: “Let the children come to me” and “Liberation from the social and human evils.” There were prayer dance, welcome dance, folk dances of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The Manager Shri Thomas T. had shown us commendable hospitality and cordiality during our performance. Dr.Fr. V.Sebastian, Director and Principal of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra, Varanasi presented the medals for the rank holders of every class, as well as for the best teachers and students of the school on the request of Shri Thomas T. and addressed the audience congratulating the manager, staff and students for their zeal, zest, vitality and vibrant performance and celebrations; he also exhorted the guardians and well wishers to co-operate with the manager to fulfill the dream of the manager to make his school as excellent, superb college and university in the future.