Dance cottages

For the regular and comfortable practice of dance, there are four well furnished cottages in the campus, where the students are trained under able teachers.


College library contains books on all major subjects, especially rare books on dance and music.

Milan Auditorium

milan hall
In the premises there is a well equipped auditorium with the capacity of 400 seats.

Open Stage

In order to develop the natural talents of the students, there is an open stage in the campus surrounded by beautiful, thick, lush green environment.

Computer Lab

computer room Keeping in mind the importance of computer education the college has developed a modernized computer lab where basic computer education is given from the normal courses. Internet facility also is provided for the students.

The college Troupe

The College troupe has the pride of having performed in various parts of the country and abroad (Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Kuwait etc.)

Nav Sanchar

In the campus there is an audio/video studio equipped with modern facilities where students get an opportunity for audition and the selected ones get a chance to sing for audio album and act in the video albums.

Facility for Differently able

Visually impaired students are given axtra time in written examinations as per university rules.


Hostel Facilty is available to female students in the college campus. Seats are limited and therefore preference is given to students outside of Varanasi.

  • All the hostelites will lives as a family in the hostel.
  • It is the responsibility of every hostelite to take care of her own belongings. If any one loses any of her valuables or money the hostel in charge will not be responsible.
  • All fees (College, Hostel) Should be paid before January 10th.
  • Fees can be paid either by cash, M.O. or D.D (in favour of Nav Sadhana KalaKendra)
  • All should be punctual for every activity of the hostel.
  • All facilities given should be utilized with responsibility like electricity, water, telephone etc.
  • Hostelites will keep the hostel, college and its surroundings clean.
  • Pay telephone facilities will be provided in the campus. Using mobile phone is strictly forbidden.
  • All students will study only in the study halls alloted to them.
  • Only the parents/guardians and specified people of the family can visit the ward.
  • The visitors are strictly forbidden to go to the hostel.
  • Hostelites who go out of the campus for any reason should register thier names and time of thier diparture and thier arrival mark the time and signature in a log book provided at the office.
  • If one is sick the hostel in charge should be informed immediately.
  • If one is seriously ill the parents/guardians will be informed. The major medical expences will be borned by thier parents/ guardians.
  • If a student is affected by any contagious disease she will be sent home for medication
  • Complete silence is to be abserved from 9.00 pm to 7.30 am.
  • The religious sister students will be responsible for thier own spiritual exercises.