July 23, 2016

Deeksharambh is the day of samarpan (commitment) to the Guru to learn music and dance as disciple and Guru’s acceptance as his/her disciple. It is a day of challenge to the Guru (Teacher) as his life has impact on the disciples/students.

It took place in the Milan Hall on July 23, 2016. On this day the new comers (B.A.I) of the college recalling the Indian Guru-Shishya tradition showed their love and respect to the gurus. They requested them to teach Indian classical Music and Dance.  They offered various things in a plate such as coconut, betel leave, new rice, flower, sweet, supari, and fruits to all the gurus, which reminded their connectedness, integrity, diligence and disciplined life to teach and to lean music and dance. On this auspicious occasion Sir Govind Verma explained the meaning of every item placed on the plate how it is related to the Guru and Shishya in their life of learning; it is a lasting and permanent relationship. Dr. Ramsudhar Singh spoke on this occasion stating that it is a day surrender of the students to Guru, but challenge to Guru to lead them morally, ethically, intellectually, spiritually with their words and deeds. Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian, Principal enumerated three ‘V’: vinamprata, vinyas, vikas ka man (Humility, Openness, desire for growth) to acquire knowledge and to develop the talents, potentials as the students/shishyas. He stressed that discipline has a vital role in the life of students to walk on the road of progress as well as the need of gratitude to the Gurus for their contribution to their growth.

In the beginning of the samaroh a prayer song was sung by the B.A.1st year students. Mr. Lav Kumar Gupta recited the Guru sloka and Guru vandana. There was also song sung enumerating the qualities of Gurus and Shishyas in their bond and relationship. Miss Richa and Miss Olampiyan anchored it. Thus the deeksharambh became a milestone in the life of the first year students of B.A., who also manifested a deep sense of respect, esteem, love and loyalty to the Gurus.