August 20, 2016


Miss Vineetha Vijayan performed a scintillating Bharatnatyam Dance in front of students of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra and the members of Diocese of Varanasi Catholic School Association in the Milan Hall on August 20, 2016 at 6.30 p.m. It was Shiva Nritya and his various moods and modes of dance. The facial expression and unction were very well portrayed and communicated to the audience. Mr.A. Robin presented a group prayer dance with his students. Rev. Fr. Antony Rodrigues expressed his gratitude for the superb performance of Bharatnatyam individually and in group. He had appreciation and admiration for the artists. He wished them the bright future. The students witnessed to the beautiful facial expression (abhinaya) and limbs movement with mudras, which is the learning point for all of them. Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian honoured them with a shawl each appreciating their service to the students and communication centre.