April 9, 2016

Farewell day began with the solemn Eucharistic celebration conducted by the second year students for the third year B.A. and M.A. Final year students on April 9, 2016. The Eucharist was offered by Rev.Dr. V.Sebastian. All prayed for the bright future of the outgoing students. The programme of the farewell function began at 10.30 a.m. It commenced with the Bible Reading, prayer and prayer dance by the first year students.  It was followed by Solo Punjabi Song by Miss Sheetal and Folk Dance by the first students of B.A.Bharatnatyam. Farewell Song was sung by MissVandana Rawat and Miss Shabnam and Solo Dance was performed by Miss Megha. Fusion Dance with the modern style was presented by the second year students of B.A. Bharatnatyam. It was a moment of joy for the students to receive award winning certificates for the various competitions such as Partiotic Song, Solo Dance, Folk Dance and Music, Solo Music, Art and Quiz Competitions held during the scholastic year 2015-2016. Sir Govind Verma, head of the Competition Committee appreciated the staff and students for their excellent co-operation and support for the successful completion of the various competitions. The third year B.A. students sang a heart touching farewell song with their expression of love and gratitude offering gifts to the College an almirah and other gifts to students and teachers. The first and second year students gave a gift to all the out-going students as expression of love and help rendered during their stay.  It was followed by a western dance by Miss Asha Rawat and Miss Asha Toppo.  Dr.Ram Sudhar Singh, in his speech, articulated that as an artist never get tired of doing it, for its progress lies in performance and wished them to become celebrities.  Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian spoke of the need of changing the thought pattern in life to improve upon life to be free and faithful to the entrusted responsibilities. There are many stars in the sky, but they are stars of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra as well as messengers of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra College. He blessed them for the bright future and thanked them for their contribution to the college.  As an act of appreciation, collaboration and co-operation for the production of DVD and CD in the Communication Department all the student-participants were awarded with the DVD and CD by the Director and Principal, Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian. A melodious solo song was sung by Mr. Sobin Sunny and the vote of thanks was proposed by Miss Olrika Minj. The anchoring was done by Miss Pooja and Miss Lily.