The folk music competition was held in Milan Hall on Jan. 21, 2017 at 11.00 a.m. It began with a Bhajan sung by Sr.Lily and Ms. Sheetal. A lot was taken by the participants to decide order of the competition. Mr. Govind Verma explained the procedure, rules and regulations of the competition. The judges were Sir Govind Verma, Sir Kamini Mohan and Dr. B.P. Tiwari, who were welcomed by all. All the participants performed well with great enthusiasm, zeal and fervor. They mesmerized the audience. After the completion of the competition, the result was announced by Sir Kamini Mohan Pandey as follows: Mr. Rahul Kumar Maurya of Bhatkhande group won the first prize; the second prize went to Ms. Shabnam of Tyagraja group and Mr. Charan of Bhatkhande group; the third prize won by Ms. Chandani of Tyagraj group and Mr. Vijay Tirkey of Rukmini group. Ms. Alfy Raju and Lav Kumar Gupta anchored the programme with an excellent sense of humour and kept the audience spell bound and joy.