January 16, 2016


The competition began with a word of welcome and a hymn sung by Sr. Anna Purty in the presence of the Principal, Staff and Students of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra on Jan. 16, 2016 at 11.00 a.m. The principal Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian was invited to address the students at the inception. He said that folk song is related to life and work of the folk in the village. The classical music was evolved from it. Hence, the students of classical music and dance have an obligation to promote the folk song. It is an opportunity to exhibit one’s talents as well as to keep the folk song alive in the hearts and minds of people.  At the end he wished them to sing with gusto and self-confidence to become winners in the competition. There were 11 participants: Neelam Maghi, Deepika, Prisca, Shalini, Aejad, Sheetal, Megha, Chandini, Anna Purty, Madhu and Rahul representing four groups. All sang well. There were three judges, who had difficulty to decide the winners. However, tabulation of the points revealed that Aejad Akhtar secured 128 points and won the first prize, followed by Sheetal, who secured 127 points and won the second prize and the third prize went to Rahul Yadav, who secured 123 points. Sr. Joan thanked all for organizing the competition well. Miss Sushmita Sugandla anchored the program with gay and glee. Thus the program ended with a happy note.