August 19, 2016


The Italian youth visited Varanasi and at the end of day on August 19, 2016 at 7.00 p.m. gathered at Milan Hall for the inter-cultural exchange. They were welcomed by Aarati and Tika into the hall. The programme began with the Bhajan sung by the music students of NSKK. Later a prayer dance choreographed by Mr. Robin A. and a patriotic dance choreographed by Ms. Vineetha were staged. The commentary was given by Ms. Nomita Rani. A few minutes were offered for the interaction with the youth from Italy. They photographed and exchanged words of pleasantries. At the end of the programme Sr. Philomena, MOP and Mr. Michaele expressed their gratitude for the wonderful and awe inspiring music and dance. The Principal thanked the Italian youth and appreciated the co-operation and collaboration of the student artists of NSKK.