Aug. 13, 2016



The students of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra (NSKK) were divided into four groups. The names of the group are: 1. Bhatkhande Group, 2. Digamber Group, 3. Ruckmani Devi Group and 4. Tyagraj Group. In view of Independence day celebration a patriotic competition was held at Milan Hall on Aug. 13, 2016 at 11.00 a.m. The competition commenced with prayer song invoking God’s blessings on the event. The staff members were present for the same. Mr. Govind Verma explained the purpose, procedure, rules and regulations of the competition. The judges for the competition were Dr.B.P. Tiwari, Mr.Kamini Mohan and Mr.Govind Verma, who were also welcomed heartily.  A lot was taken by the group leaders to decide the order or sequence of the competition. The four groups presented the patriotic songs in a creative and innovative manner.  The Vice Principal, Sr. Rosely admired and appreciated the students for their creative and innovative method of composing lyrics and music and participating in the competition with enthusiasm and eagerness. She had declared the result of the competition as follows: The First Prize went to Tyagraj group; The second prize went to Rukmani and Digamber groups and the third prize to Bhatkhande group. There were 14 members from each group, who participated in the competition. The uniform enhanced the beauty of their presentation. Ms. Jenifer, Leader of the College thanked the professors and participants and concluded the event of the day peacefully and successfully. Anchoring was very well done by Ms. Olrika Minj.