On the invitation of Rev. Fr. Henry Andrade, Principal of St. John’s School, Marhauli, the dance troupe of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra performed dance in front of 3000 school children and staff. The programme began with usual welcome and prayer dances. Three skits were presented based on social themes: Dayalu Bano: This Biblical Dance Drama is on God’s forgiveness and love explained in present context. Hum Honge Kamyam skit portraying differently disabled people need to have sympathy, sensitivity and compassion from the society and family rather than despising them; they require education to stand on their feet. They are not curse to the society or family; if they were cared and educated, they would become blessings to humanity. Error in connection: Depicting the right use of mobile. They were followed by the classical dance: Astha Talam. The artists dancing to the rhythm of eight different rhythmic instruments added the beauty to the programme. The audiences were spell bound by the recital of Classical Bhartnatam. The programme concluded with a thanksgiving dance.