August 20, 2016


Various competitions help students to develop their talents and abilities. Colour Painting and Sketch Drawing competitions were held in the Library on Aug. 20, 2016 at 11.00 a.m. The four groups sent their selected members to participate in the competitions: two each for both competitions. It was conducted by Sr.Rosely, SRA, Mr.Govind Verma and Mr.Rakesh Edwin. The topics were as follows:

  1. Flood in India
  2. Atrocities committed against women in India


The participants from four groups: Bhatkhande, Digamber, Rukmani Devi and Tyagraj, gave colour to their imagination and the sketches were lively, very creative and imaginative. The items were judged by juries. The result was declared by the Principal on Aug. 27, 2016 as follows:



1st Prize: Tyagraj Group – Joyci Pais and Priyanka Tigga

2nd Prize: Digamber Group – Laxmi Gupta and Luviza

3rd Prize: Rukmani Devi Group – Jyoti Priya and Deepika Ekka



1st Prize: Digamber Group – Prafulit Soreng and Sherin

2nd Prize: Rukmani Devi Group – Shilpa and Chanda

3rd Prize: Bhatkhande Group – Mamta John and Regina Bilung.


The students were happy about the result. The staff appreciated their interest to participate in it.