1. Flag Hoisting by the Principal Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian:

The 68thIndepence Day of our Nation was celebrated well on Aug 15,2014 at the College Premise.  Rev.Dr.Fr.V.Sebatian, the principal of the Degree College, NavSadhana Kala Kendra was the chief guest of the day. He was escorted by the college students, Fr.Swaraj and Proful for the programme from his office. As he reached, Ms. Shweta Singh requested the Principal to hoist the national flag after which the National Anthem was sung by all.

  1. Cultural Programme- Partiotic speech, Patriotic songs and Patriotic dance:

The staff, the students and the helping staff of the college were present in the hall for the cultural programme. Emcee- Ms.Suchita and Ms.Sushmita of B.A second year dance students welcomed the chief guest, the staff and students in the Milan Hall for the same. The programme began with the devotional bhajan with shloka by the college vocal students. Ms. Lovely gave a wonderful speech, in which she spoke about the goodness, heritage and the glory of the country.

There were three meaningful patriotic songs in the cultural programme presented by the college students. One Patriotic song (Utosonewalonsaverahuahai…)   by the Bhathkhande Group which got first prize in the College Singing competition and another(Jahanpahunchanjann…) by Vocal students who got the second prize in patriotic singing competition conducted by Hindustan Patriotic Singing in the Agrasen College  campus. The third one was (Duniyahaieksundargulshan…) by the Tiyagraj Group. All the songs were very meaningful one.

There were two types of dance presented by the college students. One was Patriotic classical dance  by the M.A and B.A.III year students,  under the guidance of Sir Robin and another one was musical folk dance by B.A.II year whose choreography was done by Sir VenkadeshPrabu in a professional manner.

  1. Messages:

3.1   Chief Guest  Dr.Fr.V.Sebasitan’s  Inspiring Message

We had two inspiring messages on this auspicious day given by two inspiring professors in the college campus. Dr.Fr. V. Sebastian, the principal and the Chief guest of the day,  in his message for the students said by quoting the Bible that how God knew the suffering of the people of Israel and then saved them   through the medium of Moses;   in the same way the same God wants that we are  free from various bondages;  namely mental, social , economical and psychological in nature. Quoting the message given by the president of India on the previous day of Independence this year the Principal said that the Freedom is a celebration and Independence is a challenge. Education should inculcate love for all, respect for women. Intolerance and violence is a betrayal of the letter and spirit of democracy. Those who believe in the poison drip of inflammatory provocation do not understand this fact.  He also emphasized that today our joy is doubled because we catholic celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Thus the Principal wished all a Happy Independence Day with his inspiring message.

3.2   Inspiring Thought

Dr. Ramsudhar Singh appreciating students’ confident presentation of cultural items stated that during the course of years   the people of India have failed to understand the value of struggle taken by the people who had love for the nation and shed blood to receive freedom from the Britishers. He said that on this day he salutes those people who have love for the nation, protect the girl child and women, who stand for the truth and those think of others.

Thus he urged that the students should think of the others in order to have love for the nation. Thus first and foremost the changes begin with individual self.  He further statedthat India’s unity and solidarity can be fostered through Indian Classical dance, music and literature.

 The 68th Independence Day celebration was concluded with the distribution of sweets to all present.