Republic day was celebrated very grand in the NavSadhana Kala Kendra college premise. The principal, Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian was the chief guest of the day. He hoisted the flag at 8.45 am. There after National Anthem was sung by the college students. Prayer song and Patrioticsong were sung by the vocal students; it was mellifluous and melodious. Patriotic Classical Dance was presentedby thethird year, M.A students and folk dance was presented by the first and second year’s students; It was well appreciated by all.

In his message in Hindi Dr.RamSudhar Singh said that GAN meant People and TANTR meant System. Therefore it is people, who are supposed to make systems, but today Gan and Tantr have no relationship; they are separated; it does not help the country towards progress and development. Thus it is rightly said that the government in India is of the people, for the people and by the people. We have got this freedom by shedding of innocent blood of many people. In this regard he referred to Bhagat Singh’s courage before he was executed by the Britishers.

In his message, the Principal Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian stated that we need to be Harijanmeant people of God; we are also Parijan, meant depended on each other,but sad part of India is that some people are Marijanmeant conscience is dead.Hence, terrorism, violence, murder, etc take place. Appreciating the efforts made by Prime Minister NarendraModi for the progress of Indian girls (Betibacho, BetiPadhavo) and other plans for the development of India, the Principal emphasized that no religion teaches anyone to kill the other. Therefore we need to become the children of God by respecting, loving and understanding one another. He also said that constitution is the only aspect that binds all the citizens of the country as one. He thanked and appreciated the staff and students for the wonderful performance with a word of blessing. Especially he thanked Ms.Rashmi Singh, Ms.Princy Samson for the master of ceremony and Ms.Prinyaka Paul for vote of thanks. The Republic day celebration came to end with the distribution of sweets.