PanditDevashishDey, disciple of Pt. PashupatiNath Mishra and Pt. Mukund Vishnu Kalvint, stated that though he was a student of science, he had love and passion for music. Hence, he learnt and committed his life for music rather than being successful. He encouraged the budding artists in the college to love the music, which will in turn make their life successful. Pt. Devashish has evolved a spirited and individual style into which he has skillfully grafted features from some maestros of today. These bring an element of novelty into his presentation. He explained about various Gharana such as Agra Gharana, BenarasGharana, Jaipur Gharana and Patiala Gharana and their differences. He is indeed an artiste by temperament, having sound training and an unusually feeling heart. A sonorous, high ranged and extremely melodious voice is his asset. Happily Devashish had a number of ‘bandishes’ to offer to each Raga he sang.  For their precise, pinpointed tonality, two notes, Madhayama and Tar Shadja were particularly gripping. He had Sir Jaydev Mukherjee as Tabla accompanist and Mr. JanmunaVallabh as Harmonium accompanist for his recital. At the commencement of the seminar at 9.00 a.m. Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian, Principal of the College welcomed him, professors and students to benefit from the deminostration and lecture. Dr.B.Tiwari proposed vote of thanks to all in a special way to Pt. DevashishDey for his melodious and illustrious singing and demonstration. The venue was Milan Hall of the college block.