It was held on September 19, 2015 at 10.30 a.m. The theme of the completion was MAJOR PROBLEMS FACED IN INDIA AND ITS SOLUTION. The judges were Prof. Kamini Mohan Pandey, Sir Rakesh Edwin and Dr. Bhuwaneshwar Tiwari. It was really hard for the judges to decide, as all the participants spoke well. The participants of the competitions were all together eight: two each from every group. Ms. Prisca Nitisha Lall did the anchoring of the programme. The rules were explained by Sir Govind Verma. The first participans was Ms. Kajal Tiwari, who spoke on corruption, as the major problem of India. The next participant was Ms. Deepika, who highlighted the topic Poverty and overpopulation. Ms. Sunaina spoke on the Reservation for Backward classes calling it as Indian Major problem. Ms. Illu Kumari expressed her views on overpopulation as India’s major problem. Ms.Olrika and Ms.Suchita spoke on Girl child and exploitation of them as major problems of India. The speeches given by all the participants were appreciated and insightful. After the competition a short speech was given by Dr. B.P. Tiwari. The result was announced by Sr. Joan. She congratulated all the participants and winners. Ms. Savi Sunaina of Rukmani group won the first prize, the second prize winner was Ms. Kajal Tiwari of the Digamber group, and the third prize winner was Ms. Olrika Minj of Tyagraja group. Sr. Joan thanked all the judges, professors and all those helped to make the competition successful.