Dr.S.Radhakrishnan’s, who was the president of India, birthday is celebrated as the teachers’ day to pay tribute and respect to the teachers/gurus. It is also the death anniversary of St.Teresa of Kolkata, a birthday in Heaven according to the Catholic Church; it is celebrated as the feast day of Mother Teresa. It coincided with Krishn Janmastami this year. The students gathered at Milan Hall at 10.00 a.m. and welcomed the teachers in the processional dance. They staged welcome dance, tribal dance, Khrishn dance, skit on teachers’ role in the school. The speeches were made by Dr.Ramsudhar Singh. He gave an inspiring talk on the life of Radhakrishnan and conveyed that it is a day of challenge for teachers to check whether they are worthy of it as well as a day of great honour bestowed by the students. The Principal, Dr.V.Sebastian appreciated the students’ initiative to celebrate it significantly showering their love and respect to the teachers. He pointed out that what matters in life is not the duration of life, but donation of it, not how long one lives, but how he lives. In the same he minded that the teachers are called to serve the students with love and commitment. Hence, what matters in life is not how long we serve, but how we serve them, which would have impact on the students. He exhorted all staff and students to do everything and anything with love. He thanked the student-leaders: Miss Suchita Xalxo and Sr.Anna Purty for their labour of organization and execution. The anchoring was done by Miss Nomita and Miss Anita Tigga. Prayers were offered by Sr.Anna Purty. The vote of thanks was proposed by Miss Suchita Xalxo. As a mark of respect and love, the students offered a gift to every teacher. The program came to an end with the high tea provided by the students.