The objective of the talent show is to recognize the innate and acquired talents of the new students, who joined the college. It is a day dedicated to the first year students. They were enthusiastic about it. The day began with the Eucharistic celebration invoking God’s blessings on the first year students. The talent show began at 9.00 a.m. in the Milan Hall. Each student performed according to his/her taste, interest and self confidence a song or solo dance or group dance. There were varieties of dance such as prayer dance, welcome dance, Sufi dance, Nagpuri dance, Punjabi dance, Bollywood dance, Sambalpuri folk dance, contemporary dance, Western dance, classical and semi classical dance. There were a few songs sung by the music students.  There were all together 35 items. The critique of the performance was done by Dr.Ramsudhar Singh and Dr. B.P. Tiwari. They had more positive strokes to state than negative. Both of them praised them and their performance. Dr.Fr. V.Sebastian, Principal, appreciated their co-operation, collaboration and mutual support to make this day a memorable one. He stated that Aakash main tare hain, par Nav Sadhana main aap sab sitarein hain; He pointed out with the story of Akbar and Birbal that one should use his/her knowledge to do good and to avoid evil, lest one destroys himself/herself by misuse of knowledge. The students need to use the innate and acquired talents for the good, not for evil. The programme ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Sr.Sarita Horo, the first year leader.