The Organizing Committee, Foto Petal, of Federation of Indian Photography (FIP) invited the students of NavSadhana Kala Kendra, Varanasi to put up cultural program at the culmination of seminar to the delegates of FIP on October 17, 2014. By the encouragement and guidance of the Principal, Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian and direction of ShriGovindVerma, Shri Robin A., ShriVengadeshPrabhu and ShriRakesh Edwin, the students performed a scintillating performance of dance and music. There were 300 delegates, who took photos of the students during performance, and maintained pin-drop silence. The following items were put up: Welcome Dance, Religious Dance – Call of God for consecration, Mime depicting to imbibe duty, devotion and discipline, Patriotic Song expressing love and fidelity to the Nation, Kawali, Guru Brahma Dance depicting obedience, faithfulness and commitment to the Guru and finally folk dance for entertainment and enjoyment. The students were all together 38 in number who participated in the programme. The trip brought immense joy to the students, as it was an exposure to them. The programme came to an end with a sumptuous dinner. The Head of the Organizing Committee thanked the Principal, staff and students for the prompt response and effective way of communicating social and religious values through music and dance, which helps to preserve and promote the Indian art, culture, music and dance. We thank Sir Suni Singh, who has been instrumental for this performance and ShriSurendra Prasad Shalu, head of the Organizing Committee for their invitation. The strong message sent out was to overcome evil with good. Thanks be to God.