1343665880Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra was visited by the Secretary of Agra Regional Bishops Conference on Feb 18, 2015. He was invited to give a short message to students by Fr.Dr.V.Sebastian, Director of Nav Sadhana Regional Pastoral Centre and the Principal of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra. In his message to the college students the bishop said, “Set the man right and the world will be alright”. He also further stated that no one can change the world but we can change ourselves. This implies that every individual need to introspect himself or herself about his/her own thinking, words and behavior as to whether they are correct or not, good or bad, socially acceptable or non acceptable. In order to explain this idea he told a story to the students. It goes something like this; there was a parent who had a young boy of eight years old who was very curious to know about things around him in the house. Therefore he used to ask various questions one after the other to his father as usual. His father always answered his questions. One day it’s so happened that his father was very busy with his office work as usual the boy came to ask many questions one after the other. The father in order to get rid of his torture he gave him a small work to keep to the boy busy. The work was to join the pieces of torn world map. The pieces were so small that the boy would take a long time to join them, his father thought. But it so happened that the boy returned to his father in short time by joining the pieces of the world map. The father asked him as how he could do that. The young boy replied that there was a picture of the human body behind the world map so he set the man right and the world map was set in a short time. Therefore the moral of the story is that every person needs to reflect about his/ her day today life-activities. The students and staff were enriched by the message given by the Bishop.