“Once singing is equal to twice praying”, stated Most Rev. Niranjan, Bishop of Sambalpur, Orissa, addressing the students of Nav Sadhana Kala Kendra, Post Graduate College of Music and Dance, Varanasi on July 28, 2015. He further stated that the people go after the technological and engineering studies, but the students of Kala Kendra preferred to study music and dance, which integrates the body and soul, brings communion with God and human, helps to maintain good health. He appreciated them for choosing the music and dance for it helps them to be happy and healthy as well as he wished them a bright future. In the beginning Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian introduced the bishop and thanked him at the end of the message. Then he visited all three departments of Nav Sadhana: Regional Pastoral Centre, Kala Kendra, and Communication Centre. He had a word of praise for maintaining the campus clean and green. Thus, many dignitaries visit the NSKK and have left the memories behind. Their message has impact and influence on the students in one way or the other.