He shared an incident in his life stating that one slum girl asked him: What is the colour of God? It surprised him. He replied to her: Next week he would answer. Without forgetting she waited for him to seek an answer. When she met him, she reminded the question. He prayed for a few minutes. The Lord enlightened him: The colour of God is love, which springs from the heart. He loves all, we are all brothers and sisters. He further stated that there are two categories of people in the world: inspiring people and instigating people. We need to inspire people before we expire. We need to belong to inspiring category, which would bring joy, peace and happiness; it would build a harmonious society. The instigating people would destroy the society. He exhorted that to lead a joyful and purposeful life we need to have  positive thought pattern, which would generate positive energy. The negative thought pattern would dissipate our energy. In the beginning Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian, Principal of the college introduced him stating that he worked among youth for 14 years in diocesan, regional and national level. He was for four years the national director of ICYM in India. He is a good orator and speaker. Finally he was thanked for his inspiring and thought provoking message.