Shri Rajesh Sai Babu, member of Gurukul Chhau Dance Sangam, which is headed by his father and Guru Janmejoy Sai Babu. Shri Rajesh Sai Babu and his brother Rakesh Sai Babu, have performed extensively in various dance festivals all over India and in different countries abroad as well. He came to Nav Sadhana with his female student Miss Ravija Verma from Delhi to perform on September 2, 2015 at 11.30 a.m.

Born to a Royal Ancestry of Renowned Mayurbhanj Chhau performers, Rejesh Sai Babu, the grandson of “SANGEET NATAK AWARDED GURU ANANT CHARAN SAIBABU, has successfully carries forward the legacy of this traditional dance form throughout the years.

Chhau is derived from chhaya means shadow. In their performances, they display the elements of the traditional context, molding them with innovative and creative compositions. Some of the items performed are the traditional versions of the dance that have been carried out for generations with few changes. Others are complete modifications of the original versions refining the movements and adding gestures, facial expressions and even mudra to convey the message of slokas or other narrative sources. It is performed in the recorded music, since it is not easy to put together a Chhau orchestra.

Miss Ravija Verma performed “Dandi Sanyasi” dance depicting how the devotee of God remains free and faithful in his prayer and relationship, worship and devotion as well as renounces the attraction of the world to be in communion with God. The unique gestures and movements made it different and attractive with appropriate facial expressions. Shri Rajesh Sai Babu performed the “Shiv Tandava” through lasya, rudra and anand mood depicting the creation, anger and joy. All the staff and students were present for the demo. After the demonstration, there was workshop of the same dance. He taught N.S.K.K. students the Chhau dance around one hour. The interest and interaction of the students were highly appreciated by Shri Rajesh Sai Babu. Dr.Fr.V.Sebastian, Principal of the college welcomed all, specially Shri Rajesh Sai Babu and Miss Ravija Verma. The vote of thanks was proposed by Miss Sushmita Sugandla Xaxa.